• Weekly Classes

    Tuesday 10.30am. - 11.30am. Abersoch Village Hall
    Thursday 10.30am. -11.30am. Pwllheli School of Dance
    Flowdance is a "Fun" class with simple routines for everyone to enjoy.


    TAICHI for HEALTH Sunday 9th. January

                                         CANCELLED !!!!            

    ​                            NEXT   TAICHI  for  HEALTH      Sunday  13th. February

    Llangwnnadl Old School Schoolhouse 10.30am.- 12.30pm



                                       REIKI GATHERING 2022


    Sunday --January23rd. Llangwnnadl Old Schoolhouse 10.00am - 1.00pm.

    We shall be sharing healing and inviting other friends
    of like-mind who are interested in Reiki and wish to learn more.
    We are living in a time where so many people are in need of physical and mental help - Reiki is a simple, natural system that anyone can learn
    during a short course with a Reiki Master/Teacher

    I hope to resume teaching all levels of Reiki in the New Year - Covid allowing!


    If you`re interested in any level, please discuss it with me .



  • About me

    © Peter Baumann

    Sue Baumann

    "Infinite Arts" Tai Chi / Chi Kung / Meditation

    I`ve had the privilege of training with Master Jason Chan and am passionate about the health benefits of all three practices of Jason Chan`s " Infinite Arts" Tai chi ,Chi kung and Meditation. I am also a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher and have been working with Reiki for 30yrs.

    I enjoyed a successful career as a dancer in Theatre and T.V. and later as a Ballet/Jazz Dance Teacher. I believe that my love of dance lnfluenced my passion for the beautiful art-form of Tai Chi. I sincerely wish that I may inspire the members of my classes to enjoy the beauty and peace of Tai Chi as much as I do.

    © Peter Baumann

    Energy Practitioner

    Everything I do is working with our own innate energy facilitating self-healing.

    My wish is to introduce my clients/friends to an awareness of their own healing abilities and to pass on these different techniques to their families and friends.

    © Peter Baumann


    Emotional Freedom Techniques - tapping technique.

    A simple but powerful healing technique to reduce stress and anxiety,.

    it can alleviate physical pain and many conditions such as fibromyalgia, fears and phobias.


    DANCE has always been healing for human beings since time immemorial.

    A ritual of worship whether a circle around a bonfire or the mesmeric Whirling Dervishes - or just "Letting go" of your inhibitions in your kitchen/festival or class!

    © Peter Baumann


    There are so many methods to bring oneself to "Stillness" You do not have to sit cross - legged like a yogi, you can simply focus on your breath,a flower, a mandala or repeat a mantra. These are only a few techniques but if you attend a session of Tai chi/Chi kung you will feel as if you have been meditating without noticing!

    TAI CHI is also known as meditation in Movement.




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    Sue Baumann